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Tools are scripts that can be plugged into Renoise to add new capabilities and features. They can be found and downloaded on the Tools section of our site. To install a downloaded Tool, simply double-click on the .xrnx file or drag and drop it onto a Renoise window. Installed Tools can be automatically updated by selecting Find Tool Updates from the Help menu.

Looking for features on the bleeding edge? Then check out the Tool Announcement forum for unreleased Tools and updates that members of our community have under development.

The Tools are built upon the Renoise Scripting API, a feature introduced back in version 2.6 that allows users to code their own extensions and features with Lua, a free light-weight programming language.

So if you have an idea for customising Renoise and want to know how to begin creating your own Tools, just visit our scripting Github page and download the XrnxStarterPack. With a few lines of code, you can build the things that you always wanted Renoise to have.

You may find it useful to watch our video on this subject.

3.2 tools-scriptingterminal.png