Groove Settings

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Groove Settings

The Global Groove settings are found at the end of the effect chain in the Master Track and allow you to shift the playback of the pattern lines in a beat back and forth, creating a swinging feel for the whole song.

3.0 groove.png

Adding groove with a slider means that the first note will be extended, while the second note will be shortened and triggered after a delay. Note that the sliders will apply to a different amount of pattern lines when using different Lines Per Beat settings.

For example: Increasing the 0&1 slider and setting other sliders to 0 will make the first pattern line longer, delaying the second pattern line, repeating after 8 lines (at LPB 4). Setting all sliders to ~50% will delay all second, fourth, sixth and eighth lines, resulting into a typical swing groove.

It's not vitally important to understand the exact technical details here, since groove is about adding a feeling to the beats. The best way to get a feel for the settings is to just play around with them. To make it easier to hear what's going on when you do, try adding something like a steady hi-hat line, which will be triggered fast and often.